The Return of Bitcoin's Annual Conference

Bitcoin 2019

Bitcoin 2019
June 25-26
San Francisco, CA, USA

SVN West

Bitcoin 2019 is the annual conference, expo, festival and meeting place for the Bitcoin community.

The event has been inspired by Bitcoin 2013 and Bitcoin 2014 — conferences organized shortly after the technology's inception. These were places where early adopters came and shared their enthusiasm, technical concerns and ideas for the future, all in a collaborative environment energized by the shared goal of advancing BTC.

With two full days of content, industry roundtables, an exposition hall and a monthlong virtual hackathon, Bitcoin 2019 will gather the best of the community in one place and yield real results that propel the world's first blockchain forward, making it Bitcoin's new yearly gathering place.

Bitcoin 2019 conference

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Why Bitcoin 2019?

Dreamed up by the team at BTC Inc, Bitcoin 2019 is hyper-focused on accelerating Bitcoin adoption, expanding its potential, refocusing on its philosophy, facilitating interindustry collaboration and galvanizing its community.


The constitutional goal of this conference is to unite the Bitcoin (BTC) community by bringing together key members of all the communities that make up Bitcoin today, with the vision of taking Satoshi's vision to the masses. These are a few key Partners that make it all possible:

Featured Speakers

Bitcoin 2019 welcomes a multifaceted cast of speakers who may share only one thing in common: They are working firsthand to propel BTC into the future.

Cathie Wood

CEO & CIO, ARK Invest

Tim Draper

Co-Founder & CEO, Draper Associates

Edward Snowden

Tuur Demeester

Founder, Adamant Capital

Lily Liu


Raghav Chawla

Director, Product Development, Fidelity Labs

Daniel Buchner

Decentralized Identity, Microsoft

Diego Gutiérrez-Zaldívar


Erik Voorhees

CEO & Founder, ShapeShift

Matt Corallo

Engineer, Chaincode Labs

Stephen Pair

CEO, BitPay

Dovey Wan

Founding Partner, Primitive Ventures

Jack Mallers

Founder, Zap

Alex Adelman

Engineer, Lolli

Jimmy Song

Instructor, Programming Blockchain

Aaron van Wirdum

Technical Editor, Bitcoin Magazine

Andrew Poelstra

Director of Research, Blockstream

Max Keiser

Co-Host, Keiser Report

Anthony Pompliano

Founder & Partner, Morgan Creek Digital

Peter McCormack

Host, What Bitcoin Did

Making Bitcoin Fun Again

Bitcoin Beer Garden
Bitcoin Beer Garden

Attendees will want to talk shop and get technical — but some of the most important conversations will take place over drinks on the rooftop.

Bitcoin Keynotes
Keynotes & Presentations

Our roster of high-level speakers are all working on projects that have major implications for Bitcoin.

Lightning Network Enabled Bitcoin
LN-Enabled Experience

Bitcoin 2019 is not just about BTC's potential. The event will allow attendees to leverage the Lightning Network from registration to closing.

Bitcoin Art Gallery
Bitcoin Art Gallery

Bitcoin 2019's festival atmosphere will include visual art from the space's best-known creators, inspiring attendees beyond technical progress.

A Virtual Hackathon to propel Bitcoin
into the next decade of innovation.

Bitcoin 2019's Bitcoin Games is a global, virtual hackathon bringing together the best and the brightest minds to propel Bitcoin into the next decade of innovation. The competition will enable creative and technical minds alike to participate in hacks structured around both technical innovations — the Lightning Network and Liquid sidechain— as well as non-technical ways of growing the Bitcoin ecosystem and community. This virtual hackathon will challenge developers, creatives and visionaries while fostering the mass adoption of this most critical technology.

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Bitcoin Beer Garden at Bitcoin 2019 – follow for announcements

San Francisco, CA

SVN West
10 SOUTH VAN NESS | SF, 94103

Why San Francisco?

As an international hub for digital innovation, with a history of counterculture progress, San Francisco is the perfect home for Bitcoin 2019.

Conveniently located at the intersection of SF’s two main thoroughfares, SVN West features over 100,000 sq. ft. of open floor space, an adjacent rooftop and a spacious mezzanine. The perfect venue for a truly festive, collaborative Bitcoin event.

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We are still seeking conference partners to fulfill multiple roles. View our remaining opportunities to sponsor Bitcoin 2019 in San Francisco this summer.

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