Pier 35 – San Francisco, CA, USA
June 25-26


Bitcoin 2019
June 25-26
San Francisco, CA, USA

Welcome to Bitcoin 2019, the annual conference, expo, celebration and new home for the Bitcoin community.

With two full days of content, industry roundtables, an exposition hall and a monthlong virtual hackathon, Bitcoin 2019 is all about moving the conversation beyond scaling and making it as easy to contribute to and engage with the community as it is to download and run a full node.

Join us in building the future of digital value on June 25-26, and let’s show the world what it has to look forward to: making 2019 the year when Bitcoin got fun again!

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Why Bitcoin 2019?

Dreamed up by the team at BTC Inc, Bitcoin 2019 is hyper-focused on accelerating Bitcoin adoption, expanding its potential, refocusing on its philosophy, facilitating interindustry collaboration and galvanizing its community.

What to expect

Virtual Hackathon

Finalists will be demoing and competing for prizes at the conference, including awards for Lightning integration, as well as the creation of sidechains and DApps.

Keynotes and Panels From Luminaries

In addition to the initial batch of incredible speakers already announced, many more will be present to offer keynotes and contribute to panels designed to drive the Bitcoin conversation forward.

BTC Only, But Not BTC Maximalism

Since the creation of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency community has grown in numerous directions, with innumerable projects of value coming to fruition. Everyone at Bitcoin 2019 can agree that the original cryptocurrency has a huge role to play in the future of decentralization, even if it inspires new directions.

Exhibit Hall and Networking Space

Bitcoin's development leaders aren't just attending to present; they want to be an attendee of the event as much as you do. So, grab a drink with them and help drive the conversation forward. Bitcoin 2019 will be an opportunity to meet and connect with those who are most passionate about this space.

Industry Workshops

Informative workshops will explore critical topics like establishing Lightning nodes, taking control of your private keys and more.

Maximum Accessibility

Like its namesake, Bitcoin 2019 aims to be global, accessible and open. We'll welcome attendees and speakers from around the world, offer low-cost tickets and welcome all factions, as long as Bitcoin remains the focus.

San Francisco, CA

Pier 35
1454 The Embarcadero 
San Francisco, CA 94133

Why San Francisco?

As an international hub for digital innovation, with a history of counterculture progress, San Francisco is the perfect home for Bitcoin 2019.

Pier 35 offers a wide-open event space, one that can host a festive and collaborative atmosphere where any idea that advances Bitcoin will find a home.

Low Price, High Access

Tickets ($100)