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June 25-26

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Calling All Bitcoin Hackers:

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Interested in becoming a speaker at Bitcoin 2019?

Speaking opportunities are open to anyone who has had an impact on Bitcoin and the Bitcoin community. From CEOs to developers, we are looking for anyone who has a story to tell. Please inquire below.

Attending Media

What to Expect

Virtual Hackathon

Finalists will be demoing and competing for prizes at the conference, including awards for Lightning integration, as well as the creation of sidechains and DApps.

Keynotes and Panels From Luminaries

In addition to the initial batch of incredible speakers already announced, many more will be present to offer keynotes and contribute to panels designed to drive the Bitcoin conversation forward.

BTC Only, But Not BTC Maximalism

Everyone at Bitcoin 2019 can agree that the original cryptocurrency has a huge role to play in the future of decentralization, even if it inspires new directions.

Exhibit Hall and Networking Space

Bitcoin 2019 will be an opportunity to meet and connect with those who are most passionate about this space.

Industry Workshops

Informative workshops will explore critical topics like establishing Lightning nodes, taking control of your private keys and more.

Maximum Accessibility

Like its namesake, Bitcoin 2019 aims to be global, accessible and open. We'll welcome attendees and speakers from around the world, offer low-cost tickets and host all groups, as long as Bitcoin remains the focus.

Conference Schedule

Two Days (June 25-26)

Full speaker lineup and speaking schedule TBA soon

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