Conference Programming

Bitcoin 2019 aims to reunite a fractured BTC community around collective goals, highlighting the people and organizations bringing them into reality. Event programming is designed to be relevant and compelling to as diverse a range of the Bitcoin community as possible, while not shying away from technical discussions as well as macro-societal trends.

With keynote addresses from thought leaders to moderated discussions from panelists with diverging opinions, Bitcoin 2019 will be home to industry-shaping conversations.

Bitcoin 2019 conference

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Program Overview

Main Stage – SVN West Ballroom

The two-day program is divided into four half-day content tracks, with keynote sessions opening and closing each day. Day 1 kicks off with “Layer One” and an emphasis on updates or proposals to the core protocol, from mining outlooks to highlighting the best and worst of BIPS. In the afternoon, our focus will shift to “Peer-to-Peer Community” with discussions around user adoption, BTC threat models and global policy and regulation.

On the morning of Day 2, attendees will get a chance to deep dive into “Layer Two,” where the Lightning Network will lead the way for discourse on subjects like fungibility, smart contract development and atomic swaps. And our final track, “Native Currency of the Internet,” will put an emphasis on Bitcoin as the original decentralized finance project, BTC merchants and payment processing, onboarding institutions and comparing theoretical trends from Austrian Economics to Modern Monetary Theory.

Layer One

Day 1, Morning
example sessions:
  • The State of Bitcoin Mining
  • BIP Review: What’s Next for Protocol Changes
  • Establishing Privacy Through Schnorr Signatures
  • Exploring Potential Changes in the Future of BTC
subject overview:
  • BTC UX
  • Developer Upgrades
  • UTXO
  • Reflecting on SegWit
  • Handshake

Peer-to-Peer Community

Day 1, Afternoon
example sessions:
  • Bitcoin by the Numbers and User Adoption
  • Destroying Bitcoin: Examining Threat Models
  • What Do Venezuela, Yellow Vests and Brexit Have in Common?
  • The Empire Strikes Back: Regulation and Global Policies
subject overview:
  • Driving Adoption to the Places BTC’s Needed
  • Philosophical Outlooks
  • Social Good and the Right to Transact
  • Views from Academia
  • BTC’s True Role in Environmentalism

Layer Two

Day 2, Morning
example sessions:
  • The Lightning Network’s Reckless Progress
  • Sidechains and Cross-Chain Swaps
  • Bitcoin Smart Contract Development
  • Forecasting the Future of Layer-Two Innovations
subject overview:
  • Sidechains
  • Atomic Swaps and Interoperability
  • Multiparty Channels
  • Off-Chain Computation
  • Applications and Usability

Native Currency of the Internet

Day 2, Afternoon
example sessions:
  • Sound Money in a Post-Keynesian World
  • Bitcoin as a Payment Rail
  • New Business Models for Digital Money
  • Bitcoin Economic Primitives
  • Decentralized Finance with Bitcoin
subject overview:
  • Properties of Money
  • Exchanges
  • Wallets
  • ICOs on BTC
  • Market Perspectives and Predictions

The conference schedule is subject to change, so please follow @bitcoin2019conf to stay up to date.

Interactive Stage

SVN West – 2nd Lvl

Bitcoin 2019 will feature an “Interactive Stage” on the 2nd floor of SVN West, which is designed to be highly trafficked, with unique lightning-enabled activations and BTC focused art engulfing this area.

Our Interactive Stage will host a wide variety of content types, from introduction to bitcoin sessions to how-to technical workshops to music & entertainment, and everything in between! As such, we are asking our community for their proposals on how we’ll programming on this stage.

Because the Bitcoin Games’ winning presentations as well as a number of sponsored workshops have already been programmed for the Interactive area, we’re most likely to be inclusive of proposals, which can be encapsulated in a brief 10-15 minute talk (review your compelling concept as concisely as possible, then let people how they can learn more) Of course we are open to other ideas you may have, and in the spirit of Satoshi, our submission form is open to anyone and everyone.

The submission window for content proposals occurs from April 17th to May 22nd. Our team will actively monitor and develop these submissions and opportunities. If in consideration or deemed a finalist, we will proactively communicate next steps. Of course, we will inform everyone of their status to the best of our ability.

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